Current Issues

Fiscal Accountability

Fiscal Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility go hand in hand.  The Governor proposes a budget and the Houses of the Legislature are responsible for the final yearly budget and appropriations and revenue streams to fund the budget.  The legislature does not hold the Agencies who receive the funds accountable on any basis for what they produce.  The House of Representatives receives a budget proposal from the Govenor’s office and then has the ability and the obligation to adjust expenditures within the budget.  At this time the House of Representatives can withhold or add funds to each agency request in the budget as they see fit. Last year, for example, FY 2022, Boise State was punished by the legislature for its teaching of Critical Race Theory (all White people are evil), by deducting $1.5 million dollars from the Boise State Budget of $263.8 Million. This was a 0.57% reduction in its budget, which had been increase of 9.7% over the previous year’s budget.  What a slap on the hand!  The question is: How do the people hold the bureaucrats accountable for the results in their areas of responsibility?

The governor has proposed in the current budget before the legislature a 140% increase in the State Board of Education funding.  WHY? Have they done such a great job of overseeing our school systems?  Are they complicit with the introduction of Critical Race Theory in our educational system?  They must be if they approved it and the governor signed off on it.

Pierce, Idaho

States' Rights

The Constitution of the United States in the 10th Amendment guarantees: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” However, the federal government has found a way to control the states.  Give them money with stipulations. If you want highway money your maximum speed limit will be XXX!  The drinking age in your state will be 21 or we will not give you these funds.  School funds will be given if you follow the educational guideline such as “No Child Left Behind” etc.. The federal government will give the state 1.9 Billion Dollars if you Declare an emergency in the state due to Covid-19, shut down selected businesses and require masks in public places and at any gathering.  The fact is the governor cannot say no to free money even if it limits the free expression of his constituents.

Nothing in the constitution of the United States says that the federal government will support the states.  It was not the intent of our founding fathers for the states to be subservient to the federal government.  However, at this time the federal government funds about 35% of Idaho’s total budget.  In short if the federal government were to pull funds the state would be bankrupt.  It appears that money is more important in this state than moral values.

States need to take action to control the overreach of the federal government. This is why I support an Article V Convention of States. An Article V Convention of States is using the Constitution to save the Constitution!

The Convention of State Action project proposes an Article V Convention of States which would create amendments to the constitution that would provide for: term limits, fiscal responsibility, and limits to the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  

COS proposes term limits on senators, congressmen, judges, and high-level bureaucrats.  The bureaucracies of the federal government are controlled by the ideology of the Left.  Bureaucracies can write and enforce regulation on businesses and citizens that bend due process to the governments benefit.  Judges are now politicized in many instances, as is the Justice Department and most law enforcement agencies of the federal government.  This was obvious during last summer when the Left burnt federal buildings, set fires, assaulted and murdered people in the streets of many democratically controlled cities, and without prosecutions for the offenses. Compared to the protest on January 6th in the Capitol building.  The Capitol protests resulted in hundreds of people being incarcerated without due process or reasonable bail, all in an attempt to keep Donald J. Trump from being eligible for reelection to the presidency in 2024. 

COS proposes fiscal responsibility in the form of a balanced budget amendment.  This would limit the federal government’s ability to meddle in state affairs by providing funds with stipulations.

The third amendment to limit the overreach of the federal government could be very interesting.  I would prefer to repeal the 17th amendment.  Bring the US Senators home as provided for in the initial Constitution and have them oversee the business of the federal government in Washington DC with supervision of the State Legislature and governors. Let me make this a little clearer.  A US Senator would be appointed by the legislators of the state he represented and could be relieved of his duties by the same legislature.  This makes the state’s interests paramount to his existence as a US Senator.  

Right to Bear Arms (The Second Amendment)

I will NEVER compromise the Second Amendment.  I would strengthen it if possible, allowing the citizen to own any style of weapon they wished.  The Second Amendment is about the citizens having the means to defend themselves if the government becomes tyrannical!  

I am a Life Member, a Patron Member, and an Endowment Member of the National Rifle Association. 


Education is fundamental to a free republic.  Voters must be educated and informed to make good decisions when they cast their ballots for the people who will represent them in the government.  The State Constitution requires the state to provide an educational system in the state.


Article IX Section 1.  LEGISLATURE TO ESTABLISH SYSTEM OF FREE SCHOOLS. The stability of a republican form of government depending mainly upon the intelligence of the people, it shall be the duty of the legislature of Idaho. to establish and maintain a general. uniform and thorough system of public, free common schools.


Article IX Section 6. RELIGIOUS TEST AND TEACHING IN SCHOOL PROHIBITED. No religious test or qualification shall ever be required of any person as a condition of admission into any public educational institution of the state, either as teacher or student; and no teacher or student of any such institution shall ever be required to attend or participate in any religious service whatever.  No sectarian or religious tenets or doctrines shall ever be taught in the public schools, nor shall any distinction or classification of pupils be made on account of race or color. No books, papers, tracts or documents of a political, sectarian or denominational character shall be used or introduced in any schools established under the provisions of this article, nor shall any teacher or any district receive any of the public school moneys in which the schools have not been taught in accordance with the provisions of this article.


Through lack of oversight, lack of public awareness, and lack of parental involvement in the school systems Critical Race Theory and other similar programs are being taught in our schools.  Social Emotional Learning is teaching K- 12 how to deal with their emotions rather than READING, WRITING, AND ARITHMATIC.  Coeur d’Alene School District 271 is teaching Equity.  Equity is the key component of communism where everyone is treated equitably: same pay, same housing, same opportunity — unless you are one of the political elitists.


Colleges and universities are proclaiming:  “Get and education and have a better future!  They don’t tell you not to go into debt $100,000 dollars or more to obtain a BA in English, or that if you do, you will most likely only be able to only find employment as a barista at Starbucks, and you will not be able to pay back your student loans.  I would propose cutting back on college and university funding and support technical and vocational institutions, which would help keep manufacturing and manufacturing jobs in our state and out of China.


Educating and informing our children is the most important thing we can do to insure they live and thrive in a republican form of government as we have.  I feel very fortunate to have been raised in this country, and thankful to have had the opportunities I have had to better myself and my family.


The question now is how do we take back our school systems from the radical left wing ideologs?  It does no good to pass laws with no means of punishment or accountability for violating the law.  I am willing to consider any suggestion from anyone.


Education should teach basic history, English, math, and science.  Idaho schools rank 29th in the US in ACT and SAT test scores. The United States ranks 22nd in math and science in the world.  These are very dismal facts.  Politicians keep spending money on government daycare, unsupported by the parents.  Teachers cannot discipline students without fear of being fired and or sued by the parents.  School systems have been designed around federal mandates for “Common Core”, and “No Child Left Behind”.   Our universities teach the teachers who teach our children.

Parental Rights

Parental Rights are being assaulted in the state and across the country!  School counselors are advising students about sex and gender options without the knowledge of the parents.  Parents in some states are specifically eliminated from having any knowledge about their child’s welfare. Both physical and mental health issues and decisions are being withheld from parents to subvert parental oversight regarding procedures involving their children.  We are heading toward the state having the final say on how our children are being raised and educated.  Decisions regarding spiritual and moral values are no longer the right of the parents but the function of the state, which is Godless.  Our founding fathers separated church from state for a reason.  A person’s right was to teach their religion as they saw fit.  It is the right of the parents not the governing bodies. 


Too many parents have been assuming that schools are teaching (poorly) reading, writing and arithmetic.  In reality they have been teaching socialism and hate with Critical Race Theory, and Social Emotional Learning, within the Equity Framework.  These are just a few programs being taught so that the left can indoctrinate children into socialism and communist ideology.


Our republic will be lost if this is not reversed now!

School Choice

The money should follow the child. 


I am not well informed on this subject.  However, I am willing to learn what is needed.  I do know that parents need options because the current conditions of our schools are not adequate at this time.  


I am Pro-Life

The idea that we need to discuss killing babies shows how the moral fabric of this great nation has disintegrated from its Christian beginnings.