My Roots

Jordan Camp (Teepee Creek)

Family History (the short version)

Mother's side:
My g-g grandfather, James A. Masterson arrived, in Delta, Idaho, in 1884 having traveled with the family from Oregon. Delta was the last railroad stop of the Coeur d'Alene river on Beaver Creek. From Delta one could travel Kings Pass to Murray, Idaho. Idaho became a state in 1890. James was a blacksmith. His daughter Elizabeth married the Coeur d'Alene blacksmith Bob Mann. Bob's blacksmith shop was located on Front St. behind Dingles Hardware. Bob and Elizabeth were my g-grandmother and g-grandfather. Their daughter Mimi Jeanette Mann married Fred Lafrenz of Wolf Lodge. They lived on his father's dairy up Wolf Lodge Creek. My Mother Janet was born on the dairy in 1927. Mom graduated from Wallace High School in 1945 and began Nurses' Training at Sacred Heart School of Nursing in Spokane. She completed nurses training, met my father, gave birth to my older brother and me, and returned to Idaho shortly after.

Father’s side:

This side of the family’s history is a little more vague.   One set of g-g grandparents Joseph S. and Lydia S. Byrne, were farming in Dudley, Idaho, some time before 1910, as was their daughter Minnie and her husband William Pratt and their eight children. One of these eight children was my grandmother Maude Pratt.  My father was born in a house behind the Kellogg Cemetery.  He attended Kellogg High School and worked in the mines during WWII. 

My History, Education and Work Experience

I lived in Kellogg until 1956 when the family moved out of town about four miles.  My Mother still lives at this location. She turned 95 in March of 2022.  I graduated from Kellogg High School in 1969 and attempted unsuccessfully to attend North Idaho Junior College.  I held several jobs around the county, working in some of the local businesses, before becoming a police officer for the city of Kellogg, Idaho.   I worked for the Kellogg City Police Department and then the County Sheriff for a total of five years full time and three years part time. I then went to work at the Coeur Mine near Osburn, Idaho. During my time at the Coeur I attended North Idaho College.  I worked graveyard shift repairing shafts, while attending the Millwright program at the college, and completing it in 1983.   I worked at the Coeur for ten years until operations were curtailed due to low metal prices in 1991.  In  April 1991 I was laid off, and my wife, a registered nurse, was laid off in May the same year, when the hospital she was working in closed. 

I enrolled at North Idaho College as an engineering student in the winter semester 1992.  I studied at NIC for two years and then transferred to the University of Idaho where I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mining Engineering in 1997.  I was able to obtain a job as a mine engineer with the Sunshine Mine.  During the next 19 years of my career I moved several times holding several different positions as a mine engineer, project engineer, chief engineer, and general manager of the mine. My last position held was the General Manager of the Galena Mine near Wallace, Idaho.  I retired from this position in 2016. The Galena mine ia a silver/lead mine employing 242 people and with an operating budget in excess of $40-million per year.